Bright Wolf ZipLine is an instant-on visual platform for rapid deployment and configuration of multi-tenant AWS IoT Enterprise Button solutions. Demonstrate start to finish enterprise setup with multiple customers, sites, buttons, event types, and notifications in less than 10 minutes.

Start Faster. Go Further.

Instant-On, No Code Required

Complete visual interface for organization, site, and event creation, and enterprise IoT button assignment and management. Out-of-the-Box pre-configured notifications and integrations using AWS Lambda, Kinesis, SNS, and SQS.

Customizable user interface branding

Easily customized, branded user interface for each customer with tiered access controls and user accounts for out-of-the-box multi-tenant enterprise hosting.

Rapid Enterprise Integrations

Fully contextualized button events are made readily available for integrated enterprise systems using Kinesis and Lambda.

Granular Access Control Across Enterprise and Customers

Granular button management and data access permissions across the enterprise, its different
customers, sites, and user roles. Hierarchical views and capabilities, with a powerful administrative console.

Built-In Dashboards and Reports

Multi-level map views and activity monitors show frequency and details of button events, remaining useful life, and assignments by event, location, and organization. Clickable drill-downs for sites, buttons, and event types for real-time issues and time series insights.


1. Use the AWS IoT Button Mobile App to connect Button to wi-fi and add to your Enterprise AWS account.
2. Run CloudFormation templates that install ZipLine and a Lambda function that routes events from AWS IoT to ZipLine.
3. Log into ZipLine Admin UI.
4. Add an Organization and a Site.

iot button zipline organizations

5. Define an Event Type for single, double, and long click.
6. Add a Button type and associate an event type for each click.

aws iot button zipline types

7. Add a Notification to the Organization, Site, Button Type, and Event Type.
8. Configure Notification with phone number or email address.

aws iot button zipline alerts

9. Assign the Button to the Organization, Site, and Button Type.

aws iot button zipline buttons

10. Press AWS IoT Button.
11. Receive Notification.
12. See Button Press details appear on Dashboard, Map, and Reports.

aws iot button zipline map events

aws iot button zipline dashboard


1. Create another Organization with a Site.
2. Add another Button to Enterprise AWS account and assign the Button to the new Organization and Site.
3. Define a new Event Type for single, double, and long click.
4. Add a new Button type and associate an event type for each click.
5. Assign the new Button to the Organization, Site, and Button Type.
6. For each Organization, upload customer brand logo and set brand colors.
7. Create a new User for each Organization with access only that customer’s data.
8. Log in with the User from each Organization to show branded dashboard with data from only that Organization.
aws iot button zipline branding

Start Faster. Go Further.

Enterprise System Integration

Connect with existing business workflows and AWS infrastructure.

Device Lifecycle Management

Track IoT Button assignment, delivery, use, and end of life notification and replacement.

Fast Track to Machine Learning

Quick and easy path to AWS Machine Learning and other advanced AWS offerings.

AWS IoT Competency