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As Pentair’s AWS IoT technology partner, Bright Wolf helped the company develop a flexible, scalable, and reusable IoT reference architecture for use across their wide variety of user scenarios and global business units.

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Commercial Aquaculture

“Bright Wolf’s connected product systems expertise has been critical for several of our solution groups. From the edge to data management, Bright Wolf has been a great partner for our IoT initiatives.”

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Beverage Filtration Solutions

“We’ve been able to move incredibly fast thanks to Bright Wolf’s experience with embedded systems, industrial protocols, and real-time operations at the edge. Their understanding of both the technology and business challenges of industrial IoT has been tremendously valuable.”

Pentair invents and manufactures solutions that address some of the world’s toughest challenges, with over 75 percent of their products, services, and technologies related to food, water, or energy. Collaborating with industrial partners, government, non-governmental organizations, and other companies, Pentair serves a wide variety of customers in the food and beverage, residential and commercial, industrial, infrastructure, and energy verticals.

pentair iot salmon sea pen

Sea Pen Solutions

Pentair partnered with Bright Wolf to develop transformative sea pen monitoring systems.


  • Optimized protein production process
  • Shortened harvest period
  • Proactive detection and avoidance of pen failure events
  • Unified online interface for multi-site monitoring
  • Central location for observation and analysis of multiple data sources
  • Continuous learning loops and pattern detection across global operations
pentair iot bmf

Beer Membrane Filtration (BMF)

Pentair provides membrane filtration systems to large industrial brewing companies, establishing a sustainable brewing process for ensuring consistently high quality and taste. Many customer facilities are in locations with unreliable internet connectivity, requiring solutions with real time on-premises decision making along with capabilities for buffering and filtering data for eventual aggregate analysis in the cloud.

A proven approach for accelerating digital transformation at enterprises who rely on Amazon Web Services

IoT Integration Partner

We’ve delivered AWS solutions for some of the largest companies in the world across Manufacturing, Medical Equipment, Cold Chain Transportation, and other industries.

Agility & Control

Your IoT solution is your product, so our approach and toolsets empower your teams to deliver differentiated equipment and services on AWS that your competitors can’t match.

A Proven Approach

Our SpringBoard system for AWS and decades of system integration experience mean your system scales as fast as your business grows, with full support at every step.


ZipLine Enterprise AWS IoT 1-Click Device Manager

“Bright Wolf’s ZipLine is a solution that allows customers to innovate by easily developing and managing IoT applications. We see this product enabling a wide range of ‘Repair, Replenish, and Report’ scenarios for customers looking to innovate around IoT. – Barry Russell, General Manager of Global Business Development, Amazon Web Services

Repair, Replenish, Report

ZipLine is easily configurable to match your business context. Enterprise deployments include:

  • Monitoring conference room equipment, office machines, and factory components, instantly notifying IT and repair teams through email, text messages, Salesforce, and other workflow systems.
  • Streamlined re-ordering of industrial parts, in-store consumables, and business supplies with integrations to existing supply chain infrastructure.
  • One-touch reporting of production line events and environmental observations, automatically tagged with precise incident location.

Instant-On, No Code Required.

Get up and running fast with a visual interface for organization setup, event configuration, 1-Click device assignment, and notification alerts.

Built-in Dashboards and Reports

Visualize system activity through multi-level maps and monitors with asset status, usage analytics, and remaining battery life.

Rapid Enterprise Integrations

Connect contextualized events to existing business workflows, AWS infrastructure, and backend enterprise systems.