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Commercial Aquaculture and Beverage Filtration Solutions

pentair iot

“Bright Wolf’s connected product systems expertise has been critical for several of our solution groups. From the edge to data management, Bright Wolf has been a great partner for our IoT initiatives.” – Brian Boothe, Engineering Manager

Pentair invents and manufactures solutions that address some of the world’s toughest challenges, with over 75 percent of their products, services, and technologies related to food, water, or energy. Collaborating with industrial partners, government, non-governmental organizations, and other companies, Pentair serves a wide variety of customers in the food and beverage, residential and commercial, industrial, infrastructure, and energy verticals.

pentair iot salmon sea pen

Sea Pen Solutions

Pentair partnered with Bright Wolf to develop transformative sea pen monitoring systems.


  • Optimized protein production process
  • Shortened harvest period
  • Proactive detection and avoidance of pen failure events
  • Unified online interface for multi-site monitoring
  • Central location for observation and analysis of multiple data sources
  • Continuous learning loops and pattern detection across global operations

pentair iot bmf

Beer Membrane Filtration (BMF)

Pentair provides membrane filtration systems to large industrial brewing companies, establishing a sustainable brewing process for ensuring consistently high quality and taste. Many customer facilities are in locations with unreliable internet connectivity, requiring solutions with real time on-premises decision making along with capabilities for buffering and filtering data for eventual aggregate analysis in the cloud.

“We’ve been able to move incredibly fast thanks to Bright Wolf’s experience with embedded systems, industrial protocols, and real-time operations at the edge. Their understanding of both the technology and business challenges of industrial IoT has been tremendously valuable.” – Jeroen Groener, Data Analysis Manager

Manufacturing Equipment Solutions

shape technologies group

“The partnership with Bright Wolf has moved beyond the system itself – they have been a great partner in discussing the path forward and IoT considerations stretching from IT security to process reinvention.” – Kurt Mueller, Director of Software Product Management

Shape Technologies Group is devoted to a single goal: delivering advanced manufacturing process solutions that propel their customers to success. Whether it’s in aerospace, transportation, food, fabrication or other industries where highly engineered products are manufactured, chances are you’ll find them there — at the cutting edge. Ranging from promising startups to Fortune 50 giants and nearly 100 countries, their customers have one thing in common: a need for a technology partner who can offer a deep understanding of applications, products that integrate seamlessly into their processes, and rock-solid service that maximizes uptime.

industrial waterjet

Connected Waterjet Systems

SHAPE partnered with Bright Wolf to develop connected waterjet systems that optimize and expand business opportunities while delivering exceptional experiences for their customers.


  • Differentiated products providing a competitive advantage
  • Optimized machine utilization and yields for customers
  • Real world data for sales, service, and engineering teams
  • Reduced service costs, increased uptime through preventive maintenance

“We chose Bright Wolf for their experience at the industrial edge and commitment to rapid delivery. They were able to quickly understand both our business and technical needs, and helped us build a flexible connected product solution, based on Microsoft Azure, and designed to give us a strong competitive advantage going forward.” – Daric Schweikart, Vice President Information Technology

Heavy Equipment and Industrial Remote Asset Monitoring

Caterpillar Inc and Bright Wolf enterprise IoT partnership

“Caterpillar needed a flexible, intelligent edge solution that allows our systems to be customized in the field by our dealers and partners and customers. We needed end user-configurable displays, and multi-protocol support in a robust, adaptable platform. We chose Bright Wolf for their deep experience delivering customizable solutions at the industrial edge, and they’ve been a steadfast solution partner every step of the way.”
– Merritt Callaghan, Caterpillar Inc.

For nearly 90 years, Caterpillar Inc. has been making sustainable progress possible and driving positive change on every continent. Customers turn to Caterpillar to help them develop infrastructure, energy and natural resource assets. With 2015 sales and revenues of over $47 billion, Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives.

caterpillar marine display powered by bright wolf enterprise iot platform

Marine Displays by Caterpillar

Caterpillar partnered with Bright Wolf for their purpose built IoT platform to form the foundation for launching the next generation of intelligent Caterpillar Marine Displays to capture, manage and visualize data from remote assets. As a result, Caterpillar anticipates improved and accelerated connected customer experiences while lowering operational and support costs.

CAT Industrial IoT partner

Industrial Displays by Caterpillar

Caterpillar partnered with Bright Wolf for their human-machine interfaces across a wide variety of industrial environments. Examples include petroleum pumping, generators, custom hydraulics, mining, and rail applications.

Global Blood Management and Distributed Medical Devices

Haemonetics and Bright Wolf HaemoCloud enterprise IoT partnership

“Beyond their deep experience with connected systems, Bright Wolf fundamentally differentiated themselves technically by architecting a system that gracefully enables our increasing needs for edge-based intelligence” – Walt Hauck, VP of Global Product Development

Haemonetics Corporation is the leading global provider of blood and plasma supplies and services. Their comprehensive portfolio of devices, information management, and consulting services offers blood management solutions for each facet of the blood supply chain — from plasma and blood collectors to hospitals.

Built on Bright Wolf’s Strandz platform and leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud storage, Haemonetics won IoT Evolution App of the Year in 2015. Through their partnership with Bright Wolf, Haemonetics released HaemoCloud, connecting the blood supply chain from donation to transfusion. The new system works directly with their existing HaemoCommunicator suite – connecting all Haemonetics sensors and devices in order to format and transfer device information, as well as collect and manage operational data, and send it to the AWS cloud. HaemoCloud also integrates with hospital and other institutional information systems to store and share information with relevant hospital and IT staff, creating a seamless data experience for customers.

Data collected in HaemoCloud will allow Haemonetics to build preventative maintenance algorithms and provide customers industry-leading device performance. The system’s flexible architecture also enables Haemonetics to take advantage of new market opportunities and grow with new offerings from Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the future.

Cold Chain Transportation and Refrigerated Fleet Management

yardlink powered by bright wolf enterprise iot platform

Deployed at one of the world’s largest retailers, this system allows monitoring and remote control of transport refrigeration units within the distribution center yard and on the road. Conditions such as temperatures, modes, set points, fuel levels, door openings, engine hours, alarms, location, gate arrival time, and gate departure time can be monitored and recorded. In addition, full two-way control allows turning units on or off, changing set points, changing modes, and the ability to perform diagnostics. While in transit, the fleet of refrigerated trailers are remotely monitored and controlled for an end to end digital chain-of-custody powered by Bright Wolf and AWS.


  • Improved efficiency for entire organization
  • Geofence programmable remote locking trailer door security
  • Improves asset utilization by providing gate arrival & departure times
  • Improved operating costs through fuel consumption, labor reduction and lack of recurring data transmission fees
  • Improved cold chain compliance for food safety and HACCP programs
  • Improved carbon footprint by reducing CO2 emissions
  • Improved maintenance costs by reduction of engine hours and related consumables

Industrial Filtration and Fluid Management

industrial fluid management

Real-time monitoring of fluid loop components and alert system

Via sensors embedded in filters and fluid systems, properties such as temperature, pressure, viscosity, and a host of critical measurements are continuously reported to the cloud, providing a real-time window on the current overall health of both filters and fluid and detecting warning signs throughout the cycle. Custom parameters and intelligent algorithms enable rapid identification of potential issues, coupled with an alert system to notify operators on-site both directly and by physical alarms on the units themselves. In environments where connectivity may be unreliable, sensor units can be configured to signal trouble independently without requiring data from the cloud.

Inventory management and asset tracking

Filter and sensor manufacturing details, sales records, and returns throughout the supply chain. Installation details such as organization and site location. The company can follow the entire journey of every component. Starting from manufacturing plant to test bed and through the sales chain, continuing to installation and on-site performance, and the eventual decommissioning of each unit.

Administrative console and secure mobile application

Mobile and web-based administrative consoles provide the company and customers full control over their systems and workforce. Company representatives can load inventory and parameter settings for filters and fluids, manage analytics algorithms, and enable/disable customer accounts and sites. Customer administrators configure site parameters, as well as set permissions and requirements (such as 2-factor authentication) for maintenance team accounts. Through the secure mobile application, workers can quickly view the overall health of the fluid loop, as well as drill into details for any component at any time. When issues are detected by the system, customers are automatically alerted via the application, enabling a rapid response before the precondition for trouble can escalate.