An industrial gateway solution for connecting equipment and PLCs to edge analytics and cloud services with any gateway hardware.

Smarter machines, faster

GearBox lets you connect both old and new machines, leverage edge analytics, and securely bring data to your cloud and enterprise systems.

One toolset, many gateways

Run the same software across all your gateway hardware, streamlining development and avoiding hardware vendor lock-in.

Collect data, create value

Business value starts at the edge, so our technology and services ensure you have all the data you need to generate operational insights.

industrial protocols

Real-World Experience with the Real World

A decade of industrial experience

We’ve connected equipment for manufacturing, fluid management, energy production, cold chain, filtration, healthcare, and more.

The edge is the center of your connected universe

Bright Wolf understands the world of sensors, PLCs, gateways, HMIs, and industrial protocols – and what it takes to build connected systems.

The cloud shouldn’t be a requirement

Bringing intelligence to the edge means your machines can generate value from data with or without connectivity to the cloud.

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