Secure solutions for connected, distributed healthcare assets.

Procedure Optimization

Improved level of care and equipment usage.

Predictive Maintenance

Better reliability, predictability, and uptime for reduced costs.

More Procedures, More Patients

Increased operating efficiency means more customer revenue.

Healthcare IT Integration

Compliant hybrid integration with on-premises IT systems.

Secure Chain of Custody

Collection, authentication, authorization, and auditable verification of all user, device, and system interactions to ensure patient safety and regulatory compliance.

Multi-Site Asset Management

Track fixed and portable equipment across your organization, customers, and patients for inventory, billing, utilization, rapid repair, and service scenarios.

Better for Patients, Better for Business

Intelligence at the Edge

Custom algorithms, data synthesis, buffering, and filtering, and protocol translation for independent local operation and targeted cloud communication.

Better Outcomes, Increased Revenue

Granular device control and notifications enable patient-focused procedure optimization. Predictive and proactive maintenance increases machine uptime and service tech efficiency.

Start Faster, Go Further

Bright Wolf’s pre-built components, data management services, and system integration expertise drive rapid prototyping and a direct path to production deployment and operation.

Bright Wolf Knows Medical Equipment

Rules and Regulations

On-premises and in-cloud data boundaries ensure compliant integration with existing healthcare and enterprise IT systems.

Flexible Data Management

Incoming data is processed, cleansed, and transformed using business logic and domain-specific algorithms with sophisticated user management and access control policies.

Full Lifecycle Operations

Bright Wolf provides technology and services from device to edge to cloud for design, development, deployment, operations, and support for durable healthcare solutions.