A low-risk, proven approach for transforming industrial equipment into intelligent connected systems with Microsoft Azure IoT
Our decade of experience with industrial PLCs and protocols, and Azure IoT Edge integrated tools transform your machines and any gateway hardware into an Azure IoT Hub connected product in as little as 6 weeks.

You may not have heard of Bright Wolf, but our customers are some of the largest industrial equipment manufacturers in the world.

We'll show you how to accelerate your time to market by 12-24 months for Asset Monitoring, Yield Optimization, and Enterprise Workflow solutions with Azure Machine Learning, AI, and other Azure cloud services.

We support you every step of the way from prototype to production, including business model and digital transformation strategy support.

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A Trusted Azure IoT Partner from Edge to Cloud

Azure IoT Architecture and Integration

Our track record of success is driven by a proven Azure edge to cloud framework integrating machine data with smart Azure IoT gateway applications, IoT Hub, and Azure enterprise cloud services.

Integrating with Azure IoT Edge

Connect the real world of sensors, PLCs, gateways, HMIs, and industrial protocols with Azure IoT Edge for local operation and machine learning with or without connectivity to the cloud.

Accelerating Azure IoT Development

Bright Wolf helps your engineers connect your equipment to Azure faster, for Remote Monitoring, Machine Learning & AI, and better business outcomes for your industrial customers.

Transforming Data into Business Value

We provide Azure platform components integrated with Azure services and Microsoft business applications like Azure IoT Hub and Power BI so your team can focus on creating value.

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