Azure IoT Platform for Industrial Connected Products

Optimized for Azure Cloud Data & AI Services

We’ve combined a decade of IoT experience with Microsoft’s best practices to provide industrial equipment manufacturers an accelerated, flexible path for delivering differentiated connected products with Microsoft Azure.

Azure at the Intelligent Edge

Technology and integration support for connecting your machines and PLCs to Azure IoT Hub using any gateway hardware, including Azure IoT Edge for a complete solution of protocol translation, on-premises data management, and local machine learning.

azure iot architecture

The Internet of Things, Insights, and Actions

Secure Azure Data Collection and Storage

From your industrial equipment control systems & I/O to your on-premises gateway, up to the Azure cloud, and into your business workflows – securely collect, store, and integrate your machine data with your enterprise systems.

Turn Data into Value with Azure Analytics

Whether on-premises with Azure IoT Edge, in the cloud with Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive Services, or on the web and mobile with Power BI and other tools, get real-time and historical insights into your business operations.

internet of things

Azure IoT Edge and Gateway Applications

Make any gateway an Azure IoT gateway

A flexible gateway application suite providing industrial protocol translation, web HMI screens, and local storage with secure data access and filtering, with immediate connectivity to Azure IoT Hub.

More Decisions At the Edge

Analyze data and take action on-premises with machine learning and edge analytics with your IoT Edge and other tools, and save costs by only sending the most valuable data to the cloud.

azure iot edge gateway

Customized and Configurable

We work with you to deliver flexible solutions for your unique requirements and constraints – creating differentiated products and services your competitiors can’t match.

Your Digital Transformation Partner

Demand more than just a connected products platform – we’re an experienced industrial IoT partner with proven success helping enterprises succeed with Microsoft Azure and IoT.