Strandz® provides a secure and scalable data management core for enterprise IoT systems.

High Quality Data

Proper data modeling and filtering means clean data inputs for your analytics. Strandz ensures the data in your IoT system is clean and ready for consumption by your business intelligence tools and data scientists.

Authentication And Trust

Security, authentication, and validation from the device to the enterprise backend. Policy driven access control, data point level encryption, and data point level trust are foundational elements of all Strandz-based IoT solutions.

Enterprise Integration

Connect to your existing enterprise systems and workflows with well-defined interfaces and integration points. Leverage advanced cloud infrastructure so you can focus on the business value of your IoT data.

iot data core

Strandz® ensures only clean, trusted data is sent to integrated enterprise systems.

Incoming Data Storage

Incoming data from IoT devices and 3rd party sources is atomized and stored as immutable data points.

Data Processing

Data is processed, cleansed, and flagged as trusted or untrusted using business logic and domain-specific algorithms.

Data Access Control

Permissions are assigned at the data point level controlling system-wide access for users and enterprise systems.

iot data flow

Analytics Tools

Only clean, trusted data is returned in query results analytics tools, accelerating identification of real trends and insights.

Data Scientists

Raw and untrusted IoT data can be reviewed by engineers for troubleshooting and algorithm optimization.

Product Management

Clean usage and performance IoT data can be reviewed to improve product value and increase revenue over time.

Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Microsoft Azure