Successful industrial IoT solutions on AWS and Microsoft Azure start with a flexible IoT infrastructure.

Your Data, Your Tools

Secure data management and access controls simplify machine data integration with your existing workflows, analytics, and business intelligence tools.

Own Your IoT Platform

Stay in control of your data and your strategy with a secure, flexible foundation for creating solutions meeting your unique operational requirements and business goals.

Industrial Edge to Cloud

Designed specifically for industrial IoT gateways and rapid integration with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure cloud platform services.

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Build Your Value, Not Your Infrastructure

Focus on Your Business

Successful digital transformation comes from turning data into insights, not building and maintaining IoT infrastructure.

Standard skills, common tools

Speed up IoT development across your entire organization with consistent data access, user management, and security models.

The Support You Need

We’ll train and support your teams to develop and commercialize your industrial connected product systems.

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