A secure solution for managing and optimizing refrigerated fleets and transportation assets.

Door-to-Door Chain of Custody

Geofence programmable trailer lock support. Remote diagnostic monitoring and control. Predictive arrival time alerts.

Workforce Management and Regulatory Compliance

Load and Unload times, engine idle duration and location. Full audit trail for regulatory (CARB) and food safety (HACCP) requirements. Active on-site loss prevention monitoring and alerts.

Fleet and Asset Optimization

Geo-distribution, asset turns, and trailer utilization. Batch control enables JIT in-yard pre-cooling for same-day route planning. Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and integration with machine learning systems.

cold chain of custody

workforce management and regulatory compliance
fleet and asset optimization

Reduce Costs, Increase Turns

Real-time Monitoring

Reduced Loss

Predictable Arrival Times

Faster Turnarounds

Batch Remote Control

Significant Fuel Savings

Enterprise Integration

Continuous Improvement