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Bright Wolf Named AWS Advanced Technology Partner

We are pleased to announce that Bright Wolf has been officially recognized as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Technology Partner. The designation was awarded following a review of Bright Wolf connected enterprise solutions already in production, along with an in-depth evaluation of overall team experience and expertise with Amazon Web Services and complex cloud systems.

Enterprise Class Connected Solutions Deployed on AWS

To achieve Advanced Partner status, teams must show proven success leveraging AWS technology in several large-scale production systems. Additionally, the AWS team verifies adherence to best practices regarding security, performance, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and other aspects of a well-architected system. Bright Wolf solutions currently in production include enterprise and industrial IoT systems such as the award-winning HaemoCloud from global blood supply company Haemonetics, and deployments at Phononic, Transport Wireless Technologies, and Caterpillar.

From Prototype to Production

At Bright Wolf, we’ve helped our Fortune 1000 clients across a wide range of industries create and deploy scalable, secure, and maintainable IoT systems. We’d be happy to chat about how we could help you too.

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Bright Wolf helps industrial enterprises increase business value by transforming operations and organizations with digital strategy, technology, solution delivery, and team enablement.

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