BXI Industrial Systems

BXI Industrial Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bright Wolf, LLC 

We help global enterprises build, deploy, and operate industrial IoT solutions

Solution Components

Devices and sensors

Collecting data and the ability to impact the physical world remotely are pillars of an IoT system. At BXI Industrial Systems, we have decades of experience working with a wide range of sensors, actuators and embedded computing platforms. A partial list of popular sensor/actuator interfaces that the BXI Industrial Systems team uses regularly include: SAE J1939, NMEA GPS, Modbus, RFID, and GPIO. The BXI Industrial Systems team has experience fielding systems running on X86, ARM, PPC, and SH4 processors as well as using a variety of embedded operating systems, including: WinCE, Linux, and QNX.


Wi-Fi, Satellite, or hard wired connectivity are all common communication mechanisms used by BXI Industrial Systems customers. We have experience fielding systems using each of these communication paths and can help construct your system using whichever combination of methods works best. Custom protocol designs are options to reduce the volume of data being sent over cellular and satellite links. Monthly data charges are typically based on data usage, so efficient protocols can often save a large amount of money per billing cycle.

Server application integrations

It is often necessary to integrate IoT solutions with existing server applications. BXI Industrial Systems is experienced with integrating with a wide range of systems in a variety of enterprise and cloud environments.

Mobile and web applications

End users want access to the information in your IoT system from anywhere at anytime. BXI Industrial Systems has experience building web and mobile applications on the platform. These integrations provide a gateway for mobile apps and web applications to access your IoT systems. Mobile access to IoT information is often be a key component in achieving a rapid ROI for the project.

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