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Digital Transformation and Industrial IoT on Google Cloud Platform

Peter Bourne, CEO of Bright Wolf and Travis Hagens, Strategic Technology Partner Manager at Google explain the benefits of building Open IoT Systems on Google Cloud Platform with Cloud IoT Core in this BrightTALK Webinar, originally presented live on January 10th, 2018.

Successful digital transformation requires connected product solutions delivering agility and control. An Open System approach to IoT provides the agility to leverage best of breed tools and integrate with your existing enterprise systems, and the control over your data to ensure maximum future value. An Open System architecture powered by GCP infrastructure enables your IoT solution to flexibly evolve over time as new devices, business models, and technologies create opportunities for your enterprise and your customers.

Topics covered:

  • An Open System approach to IoT for providing agility and control
  • GCP infrastructure enables enables secure, scalable, and adaptable connected systems
  • An Open System architecture lets your business flexibly integrate with your enterprise systems and leverage best of breed tools of your choice
  • IoT systems are living systems, and an Open System approach with Cloud IoT Core on GCP creates connected product solutions that evolve rapidly to take advantage of new opportunities and create long-term business value.

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