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How to Deliver and Commercialize an Industrial IoT Connected Product

In this 3-part series of the Industrial IoT Spotlight podcast, Bright Wolf CEO Peter Bourne discusses the challenges and solutions for companies seeking to deliver industrial connected product solutions. Part 1: Integrating service and technology to create customer value and scale your business

  • Designing service into the product and helping developers differentiate their product offerings
  • What’s changed over the past 5 years, and the move toward increasing IoT agility?
  • The problems with IoT SaaS vendors
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Part 2: Monetizing IoT data and business differentiation

  • How do data markets affect future business models?
  • How AI and Machine Learning can create competitive advantages inside an aging workforce?
  • Scaling AI solutions and creating business value
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Part 3: A practical IoT use case focusing on customer service and strengthening business relationships

  • A rollercoaster case of an IoT implementation gone wrong with a happy ending for a manufacturing firm
  • The penalty of innovation
  • The future of the relationship between the edge and the cloud
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Bright Wolf is a system integration and technology partner for Fortune 1000 industrial equipment providers seeking digital transformation through adaptable connected product solutions. Our pre-built components, open system architecture, and expertise with industrial controls, protocols, and embedded systems enable rapid delivery of flexible IoT products and services that deliver business outcomes.

About Bright Wolf

Bright Wolf helps industrial enterprises increase business value by transforming operations and organizations with digital strategy, technology, solution delivery, and team enablement.

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