Industrial IoT Platform Technology

Flexible components for accelerating intelligence at the edge and creating more value in the cloud across key industries.

The best industrial IoT platform for your enterprise is your own IIoT platform

Customizable IIoT Platform Accelerators

SpringBoard Cloud Services

A customizable industrial IoT application engine and secure data management infrastructure for Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud solutions.

GearBox Edge Suite

Connect and optimize every machine with network and hardware independent protocol translation clients, local historian, and edge analytics.

GearBox Device Manager

Dynamically configure and control devices and fleet behavior with web-based device management

A more rapid and reliable IoT infrastructure for creating data-driven business value and growth

Build your IIoT solution better with edge to cloud integrated services from Microsoft and Amazon, adaptable enterprise data components, and production application source code.

Enterprise-ready industrial IoT platforms for any environment

There’s no need to start from scratch to build your industrial IoT platform. Create more value and increase efficiency with pre-integrated, IT-friendly solution components for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other cloud platforms – with tools for rapid device connectivity and AI-driven edge analytics.

Accelerated IIoT application development

Go further with our customizable smart product engine for solving common internet of things challenges, including templates and source code for UI dashboards, user management, asset lifecycle, predictive maintenance, geofences, and alerts – for rapid IIoT data integration with enterprise systems, technologies, and workflows.

Transform your organization with smart data-driven capabilities

Bright Wolf IIoT platform components are your secret weapon for a connected world. Transform your organization and operations with new data-driven features – without the upfront challenges of connectivity, data management, security, and access control.

Connect all your edge systems with GearBox Edge Suite & Device Manager

Declare edge hardware independence across gateways, PLCs, and HMIs with a flexible software suite providing protocol translation, a local historian, edge analytics, and secure connectivity to any cloud – including web-based device management and remote configuration tools.

Are you ready to get started?

“Bright Wolf technology and experience allowed us to build our IIoT platform on top of existing enterprise cloud infrastructure and services to access our machine data, and integrate our business systems and analytics tools with our industrial IoT solution.”

– Lee Evangelakos, Operations, American Industrial Partners

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