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GearBox Edge

Flexible, hardware-independent software for edge connectivity and intelligence

GearBox lights up the industrial edge and connects your equipment to the cloud, faster.

Bright Wolf understands the real world of sensors, PLCs, HMIs, industrial gateways, and embedded systems. We know your business value begins at the edge, and how hard it can be to connect and collect data across different product lines and operating environments.

Global enterprises often face a diverse mixture of PLCs and HMIs from Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Beckhoff, and other manufacturers in their operations, each with different industrial data protocols.

With GearBox, we can help your team efficiently collect, transform, filter, and securely send industrial data to your business applications and analytics tools in Microsoft Azure, AWS, and other enterprise environments.

GearBox helps connect the real world to the digital enterprise
  • Connect and collect data across old and new product lines
  • Run a common toolset across all your gateway hardware
  • Process data locally for taking immediate on-site action
  • Native integration with Microsoft Azure and AWS services
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Cloud Partner Integrations

Industrial Protocols

modbus industrial protocol opc-ua industrial protocol
beckhoff ads protocolsae j1939 industrial protocol

Unified Edge Development

Empower your team to connect all your machines to the cloud faster across multiple equipment lines and operating environments, supporting advanced edge intelligence and multi-cloud enterprise deployments.

Hardware Independence

Escape the trap of gateway vendor lock-in and hardware obsolescence with a customizable suite of remotely configurable components supporting multiple environments and constrained embedded devices.  

Remote Device Management

Dynamically provision, configure, and control device and fleet behavior with device management applications, optimized for usage in bandwidth and resource constrained environments.

Become the master of your connected universe        

GearBox is a modular suite for building customized edge solutions optimized for your unique requirements and business goals and industry pricing models. 

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