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SpringBoard Cloud

Accelerate industrial IoT platform development with enterprise-ready building blocks and source code

SpringBoard dramatically increases industrial data value and puts you in control of your enterprise cloud solution.      

We start with an enterprise-ready industrial IoT application framework and building blocks for critical data management infrastructure. Then, we help you build your own digital platform with a Microsoft Azure or AWS architecture optimized for multi-tenant industrial equipment and manufacturing scenarios.

SpringBoard enables solutions featuring rigorous data access control and centralized IT policy enforcement, and secure API-driven integration with CRM, ERP, and other business systems. SpringBoard is designed for ensuring global regulatory compliance and modern connected system development practices across your teams and business units.

With SpringBoard, we can help your organization build transformational data-driven applications and services inside your existing Microsoft Azure or AWS cloud enterprise environment.

SpringBoard technology and Bright Wolf expertise deliver rapid results
  • Start faster with an enterprise-ready pilot customized for your organization     
  • Go further with source code and training for building new data-driven services 
  • We provide building blocks and custom services to develop your unique value     
  • Native integration with Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud services
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Platform Integrations

Launch Fast, Iterate Faster 

Build and test your own custom dashboards, reports, and domain-specific services that drive cost savings and new business revenue, not your cloud infrastructure, data pipeline, or industrial IoT application framework.

Your Platform, Our Support 

Leverage a low-risk, proven approach for creating transformational digital platforms at your own pace, and future-proof your connected operations with total control over your data and user experience. 

Open System Architecture

SpringBoard makes it easy to add new product lines, business systems, analytics tools, and user scenarios to your solution as your technical requirements and business opportunities evolve over time. 

Develop your business value, not your infrastructure  

Build your differentiated products and services with a secure and scalable industrial IoT infrastructure and customizable application engine that puts you in control of your data and business goals.

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