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Industrial enterprises who rely on AWS choose Bright Wolf as a guide for their IoT solutions and development. From prototype to production, and beyond, we will help you every step of the way. Successful transformation of your operations and offerings with IoT and data analytics requires great IoT infrastructure. We’ll help your team understand and leverage AWS IoT Core and other cloud services, and IoT edge tools so you can improve industrial productivity and processes, and build new business value faster. We’ll help you develop and deliver your differentiated products and data-driven services with our SpringBoard system and GearBox Edge suite for AWS IoT. Create your competitive advantage in a connected world with remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and other domain-specific scenarios. Accelerate your AWS IoT journey with custom development and digital strategy consulting – including training and enablement for your organization, from IT and engineering to sales and service departments.

“Bright Wolf’s connected product systems expertise has been critical for several of our solution groups. From the edge to data management, Bright Wolf has been a great partner for our AWS IoT initiatives.”

— Brian Boothe, Pentair

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Industrial IoT Platform Technology

Flexible components for accelerating intelligence at the edge and creating more value in the cloud.

Customizable AWS IoT Platform Accelerators

SpringBoard for AWS

A customizable industrial IoT application engine and secure data management infrastructure for building enterprise cloud solutions on AWS.

GearBox Edge Suite

Connect and optimize IoT edge devices and machines with hardware-independent protocol translation clients, local historian, and edge analytics.

GearBox Device Manager

Dynamically configure and control device and fleet behavior with web-based device management

AWS IoT Case Studies

Pentair partnered with Bright Wolf to develop sea pen monitoring systems and bring edge-driven productivity to industrial brewing facilities.

“Bright Wolf’s connected product systems expertise has been critical for several of our solution groups. From the edge to data management, Bright Wolf has been a great partner for our IoT initiatives.”

— Brian Boothe, Engineering Manager

Pentair Projects

Pentair partnered with Bright Wolf to develop transformative sea pen monitoring systems.

Pentair invents and manufactures solutions that address some of the world’s toughest challenges, with over 75 percent of their products, services, and technologies related to food, water, or energy. Collaborating with industrial partners, government, non-governmental organizations, and other companies, Pentair serves a wide variety of customers in the food and beverage, residential and commercial, industrial, infrastructure, and energy verticals.

Pentair needed real time on-premises decision making — along with capabilities for buffering and filtering data for analysis in the cloud.

Pentair provides membrane filtration systems to large industrial brewing companies, establishing a sustainable brewing process for ensuring consistently high quality and taste.

“We’ve been able to move incredibly fast thanks to Bright Wolf’s experience with embedded systems, industrial protocols, and real-time operations at the edge. Their understanding of both the technology and business challenges of industrial IoT has been tremendously valuable.”

— Jeroen Groener, Data Analysis Manager

Accelerate your industrial AWS IoT initiatives

Organizations who rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) trust us to help them create a scalable enterprise IoT infrastructure and applications for optimizing their operations at the edge and in the cloud.

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