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Microsoft Azure

An experienced Microsoft partner for industrial Azure IoT architecture, development, and operations.

Microsoft’s industrial enterprise customers choose Bright Wolf technology and services to accelerate their digital vision.

Partnering with Bright Wolf provides your team with flexible IoT architecture, Azure IoT development experience and training, and a more rapid, reliable approach for delivering your secure and scalable industrial IoT solution on Azure.

Our SpringBoard system and GearBox Edge suite for Azure address the challenges of building IoT infrastructure and put your organization in control of your digital solution – accelerating development of remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and other scenarios for creating your competitive advantage in a connected world. 

We provide custom Azure development and digital strategy consulting to accelerate your connected equipment initiatives ahead of competitors – then train and support your organization at the pace you choose across engineering, IT, service, and other teams. 

“We chose Bright Wolf for their experience at the industrial edge and commitment to rapid delivery. They were able to quickly understand both our business and technical needs, and helped us build a flexible connected product solution, based on Microsoft Azure, and designed to give us a strong competitive advantage going forward.”

— Daric Schweikart, Vice President of IT

Gold Microsoft Partner
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Industrial IoT Platform Technology

Flexible components for accelerating intelligence at the edge and creating more value in the cloud.

Customizable Platform Accelerators

SpringBoard for Azure

A customizable industrial IoT application engine and secure data management infrastructure for building enterprise cloud solutions on Microsoft Azure.

GearBox Edge Suite

Connect and optimize every machine with hardware-independent protocol translation clients, local historian, and edge analytics.

GearBox Device Manager

Dynamically configure and control device and fleet behavior with web-based device management

Microsoft Azure IoT Case Study

SHAPE partnered with Bright Wolf to develop connected waterjet systems.

“The partnership with Bright Wolf has moved beyond the system itself – they have been a great partner in discussing the path forward and IoT considerations stretching from IT security to process reinvention.”

— Kurt Mueller, Director of Software Product Management

shape technologies group
Shape Technologies Collaboration

SHAPE needed to differentiate products for a competitive advantage — optimizing performance and customer yields while reducing services costs and increasing uptime through preventative maintenance.

Shape Technologies Group is devoted to a single goal: delivering advanced manufacturing process solutions that propel their customers to success. Whether it’s in aerospace, transportation, food, fabrication or other industries where highly engineered products are manufactured, chances are you’ll find them there — at the cutting edge.

“SpringBoard helps Microsoft customers build and deploy Azure IoT solutions that help them transform and grow their businesses.”

— Jerry Lee, Director, Microsoft Corporation

A platform and a partner for Industrial IoT success

With Bright Wolf and Microsoft Azure, your organization can focus on creating business value on a secure and scalable IoT infrastructure at the edge and in the cloud.

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