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IoT Time Podcast with Peter Bourne on an Open System Approach to IoT

An interview with Peter Bourne, CEO of Bright Wolf, by Ken Briodagh, editorial director of IoT Evolution.

Episode 52: Bright Wolf – An Open System Approach to IoT

In this episode of IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Peter Bourne, CEO of Bright Wolf to talk about an open system approach to IoT and how enterprises can find the balance between building and buying solutions.

  • The real decision is how to maximize agility and control over your system and your data.
  • Can you use best of breed applications and tools from any vendor?
  • Can you integrate with any enterprise system, ERP, CRM, etc?
  • Who decides how your data (and your customer’s data) is managed and accessed?
  • Who controls your feature roadmap, integration options, and monthly costs?

Over several years of building industrial connected product solutions for some of the largest companies in the world, we’ve learned how an open system approach gets you started fast and gives you long-term agility and control. By focusing on product differentiation and delivering business outcomes for your customers rather than building your own infrastructure, you can take advantage of new opportunities as your business evolves.

Listen now on IoT Evolution.

Also available on SoundCloud.

About Bright Wolf

Bright Wolf helps industrial enterprises increase business value by transforming operations and organizations with digital strategy, technology, solution delivery, and team enablement.

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